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A Choforito's History

The word Choforito is more than any other word. It's prestige, Its to be Fearless, Its to be Revolutionary.

  • Choforitos United is a group of sons and daughters, immigrants, and allies, who are aware of the issues affecting the immigrant community, and are willing to address them, so as to improve the lives of the people in the community.

  • Choforitos United Mission Statement:

    (1) To educate, unite, and strengthen the immigrant youth community.
    Educate on issues concerning the community, i.e immigration
    Unite the immigrant community and allies.
    Strengthen community consciousness.

    (2) To help bring positive change to the social issues that affect today's immigrant youth.

    (3) We believe that people should be seen for what they are, Human Beings.

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Because our membership keeps growing, our work is fun and because we are super cute :D

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Rebel Music by various underground artists.